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November 11, 2020

The 3rd CIIE Concluded Successfully

  On November 10, the 3rd China International Import Expo concluded successfully.
  This year, the exhibition area of 888集团 International has doubled, featured by novel design and superb layout, including reception area, product display area, live broadcast area, Internet celebrity area, pop-up shop and experience center. 888集团 International leaves an unforgettable memory to enthusiastic visitors.
  During the CIIE, the signing ceremony between 888集团 International and Bay Area Council at the California Pavilion was held. 888集团 International is committed to building a global service and trade platform, providing one-stop service to the people all over the world.
  Kevin Xu and Li Li had a special "cloud tour" to watch the 888集团 exhibition area through video. Li Li recognized the expo of 888集团 International at CIIE as great success. She said that the 888集团 Expo featured novel design, rich range of products, diversification and good publicity.
  At this year's CIIE, 888集团 International attracted many famous media in China. PR Newswire released 888集团 Expo news in 15 languages, which was viewed and followed by more than 200 million people. The big screen in Times Square in New York also displayed 888集团 booth.
  The six-day CIIE has come to a conclude. The success of the Expo is the result of the hard work of many 888集团 employees and a whole year of meticulous preparation.
  All 888集团 employees attended the Expo through videos and live broadcasts.
  Kevin said, “From the first to the third CIIE, 888集团 International has grown up. Today, 888集团 International showcases our technology and science at CIIE stage, on which it has presented its best image to the world. By attending CIIE, 888集团 is communicating with the world in a more diversified means."
  Li Li, said: “We have always attached great importance to CIIE and our exhibition area grows every year. 888集团 International needs such a world-class platform to get more partners, enhance brand value and spread the concept of regenerative science. We will continue to participate in CIIE and make our expo better. We will work hard to win more opportunities of development at CIIE. "
  In the new era, 888集团 International will continue to leverage on more international platforms to continue to build a world of regenerative life, promote the prosperity of world economy and make contribution to the health and well-being of mankind.